Vapor Explosion

 An auto mechanic who was severely burned in a flash fire while welding was
awarded $2,900,000.00 in a settlement reached through mediation shortly
before trial.  A case was brought on his behalf against the owner of the repair
shop where he was working, the manufacturer of a parts cleaner used to
retrieve hazardous chemicals, and the manufacturer of the brake wash
which ignited. 

Case Name Withheld - Motor Vehicle Accident

Client was a pharmacist who was involved in a head-on collision while
returning home from work. She suffered a severe ankle fracture and multiple
connective tissue injuries which disabled her from work as a pharmacist.
The case settled following the payment of $500,000.00 by the defendants. 

Case Name Withheld - Industrial Accident

Case was climbing a cat-walk which was in a deteriorating condition and
collapsed. Client fell approximately 15 feet onto a roof, rolled off of that, and
landed on the ground. Client suffered a severe left arm fracture. Case settled
for $875,000.00. 

Medical Malpractice - Wrongful Death

 Plaintiff received $2,000,000 from a doctor who inadvertently stapled her
husband's pulmonary artery during an upper lobectomy procedure. 

Assault at Nightclub

 Client severely injured after being violently removed from a nightclub and
falling down a flight of stairs was awarded $1,500,000, which was the limit of
the insurance coverage available to the defendants. 

Padgett v. Dick Corp.

 A construction laborer was awarded $1,400,000.00 by a Suffolk County jury
in Boston, after she was severely injured at the Deer Island treatment plant
during the construction of the South System Pumping station. 

Dog-Bite to Child

Client awarded $500,000 after being bitten by dog in face at cookout. 

Fahey v. First National

 Plaintiff, while grocery shopping at Edward's Food Warehouse, tripped and
fell over an orange juice jug which was left in the middle of the aisle. A
Suffolk County jury awarded her $160,000.00 as compensation for her hip

Chain Failure on Big Dig Project

Acollege student operating a crane as part of a summer job was awarded
approximately $1,300,000.00, which includes a complete waiver of a
worker's compensation lien in a settlement reached through mediation
shortly before trial. 

Case Name Withheld - Product Liability

 A 9-year old girl was "tubing" behind a boat when she suddenly fell out and
became entangled on the tow rope.  In the process, a metal hook on the tow
rope impaled her arm.  Suit was filed against the tow rope manufacturer for
using a metal hook in its design with sharp prongs which constituted an
unreasonably dangerous product.  The case was settled just before trial. 

Claim Against Bar for Negligent Service of Alcohol

 Plaintiff and three of his friends, all 20 years old, went to a bar in Roslindale
Square where they were served alcohol.  After leaving the bar, they were
involved in a high speed collision which resulted in serious injuries to
plaintiff who was a passenger in the vehicle.  The defendants paid
$3,400,000.00 in a settlement reached through mediation shortly before
trial.  A default judgment n the amount of $9,381,513.36 was entered against
the driver of the automobile who was not part of the settlement negotiations.  
With interest, the judgment will be in excess of $15 million which will not be
dischargeable in bankruptcy because the defendant caused injury while
operating under the influence of alcohol.